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Bali Raw Food Restaurant Scene - Updated 2014

The plant strong scene for dining in Ubud, Bali is growing by the month and this mountain village is beginning to set itself apart as a raw food mecca. Very happy with the choices in past trips I was astounded to discover a few more new ones and several more well established restaurants with abundant vegan/vegetarian options. The staffs were also happy to suggest menu items if my choices weren't obvious. A welcome dining scene is flourishing and I couldn't be happier. Here are just a few within walking distance from my hotel on Monkey Forest in downtown Ubud.

A Visit to Bob's Red Mill

Remember my story from last month when I shared how much Mike and I LOVE factory tours? Whenever we have a chance we're there, checking out the local sights and manufacturers.

Visiting Bobs Red Mill with my mother. Everyone wears a red vest, except the visitors. (Brenda, our tour guide Al and Mom)
Everyone wears a red vest,
except the visitors.
(Brenda, our tour guide Al and Mom)

Visiting my mother recently in Portland, Oregon, I had the chance to visit Bob's Red Mill. I've seen Bob's smiling face and his red coat for years on the packages of numerous products adorning the grocers shelves. Wow! they are an amazing company: well integrated at every level and conscious through and through. I got to meet Bob himself, red vest and all. He was entertaining the U.S. Grain Inspectors the day Mom and I visited, and we toured around with grain moguls from around the country. Most of them were narrow traditionalists, so all the teff, amaranth, chia, and other ancient grains overwhelmed them. Why so may products? Do people actually want them? These guys had a lot to learn and I was pleased to see they had reached out to Bob and were there to find out all they could.

Learn About Raw Food at a Local Potluck

Local potlucks are a great way to learn about eating raw if you're getting started, or to learn new techniques and meet like-minded folks if you're already engaged. There are raw potlucks in a number of areas -- so many, in fact, that we haven't been able to keep up. Below you'll find the best information we had at the time of writing ... but we suspect that by the time you read this, our listings may only provide you with a clue about how to track down a potluck near you. We are always happy to post potluck information here on this page, so if you find out that one of these links needs to be updated, please let us know! Raw foodies are always happy to see you at one of their potlucks. They're not at all scary and often "first-timers" comment, "I had no idea raw food was SO good!"

My Hero Robin Lim is CNN Hero of 2011

December 2011
Robin Lim is CNN Hero of the Year, December 2011

Hooray! for Robin Lim . . .and for all of us who voted for her.

ROBIN JUST WON the CNN Hero of the Year award -- $250,000 and all the rest that recognition like this means to Bumi Sehat.

Letter from Kumi Hachiya

Dear Brenda,

I sincerely would like to thank you for all what you did this time. I was so happy spending the last three days (five days actually including the other two workshops) with you. What you said to us yesterday (with tears in your eyes) sure made an impression on me. I believe people feel your deep affection to them. And it would help changing the world from now on.

Christine's Report from Sendai, Japan

(from a friend's cousin Christine, who has for ten years lived in Sendai, Japan, the nearest city to the quake's epicenter, and the city most affected by the tsunami. Thank you, Christine, for permission to reprint.)

Brenda Hinton: a Life Seeking Energy's Raw Forms

From a very early age, I knew there had to be more going on than what I could see, sense, or put my fingers on. What powered the blooming of a spring flowers, the flights of starlings in the Fall? How does the family dog know its master is coming home, or lightning is about to strike? Something's happening here, and while I'm still seeking a better word, I call this "energy." All my life, I have been trying to understand more about this strange force that seems to power everything in and around me.

The short version of my biography

All my life, seeking to understand "energy," this strange force that seems to power everything, has moved me to study and share. As early as my first dollar-a-day work as a docent at the Dey Mansion in Wayne, New Jersey, I discovered a talent for learning and a knack for explaining things . . . as if the walls were telling me about the days when George Washington slept there.

Yoga By Candace: Brand to Know

Yoga By Candace: Today we're chatting with Brenda Hinton, the creator of Rawsome Creations, for this week's Brand to Know.

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Rawsome Creations: Tools for Chefs in Living & Raw Foods Kitchens
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