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Learn About Raw Food at a Local Potluck

Local potlucks are a great way to learn about eating raw if you're getting started, or to learn new techniques and meet like-minded folks if you're already engaged. There are raw potlucks in a number of areas -- so many, in fact, that we haven't been able to keep up. Below you'll find the best information we had at the time of writing ... but we suspect that by the time you read this, our listings may only provide you with a clue about how to track down a potluck near you. We are always happy to post potluck information here on this page, so if you find out that one of these links needs to be updated, please let us know! Raw foodies are always happy to see you at one of their potlucks. They're not at all scary and often "first-timers" comment, "I had no idea raw food was SO good!"

The best way to find a nearby potluck is by clicking over to and entering "raw food potluck" in the topic field and your coordinates. When I checked (March 1st, 2012) there were THIRTEEN potluck gatherings listed within 25 miles of my (sample) Oakland, California address.

Wondering what to bring to your first raw food potluck? Here are some easy raw food ideas for you. Please don't let this list limit you or your creativity. Bring whatever you like and what fits into your budget and time schedule. If you'd like to try your hand at making something, remember to keep it simple. There are wonderful raw food cookbooks out there to give you additional ideas and coach you in the "how to's." Until then, here are my ideas for ya.

If you're still a bit nervous give me a call or email and we'll come up with something. We'd love to see you and share.

kiwi Here are some basic guidelines for raw foods potluck items. Remember: organic ingredients are always best.

Food is one thing you can control in your life. What you put in your mouth is completely in your control....

Think ahead, get creative and get out there. Raw on the Road is easier than you think....

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