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Rawsome Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring is my favorite time of year. I say that every year, and this year it may be truer than ever! Newness is in the air, possibilities are just around the corner; the fresh air of change is unmistakable. This time of year vividly shows us that nothing is static and there is always new growth and opportunity wherever we look.

Like my garden, the heartbeat of an enterprise changes as time goes on. Rawsome Creations has enjoyed a wonderful run. Our beliefs that nutrition is medicine and that eating healthily enhances lives has become common awareness (and yet Mickey D's thrives? What's up with that? On that score, there's still work to be done!) We are pleased to see that our inventions and innovations have entered the mainstream and are generally available in local kitchenware stores everywhere. Sharing revenue from our innovations has lightened lives, especially in our special projects in Indonesia. Job well done!

After 15 years, and seeing our innovations being competently manufactured and distributed widely, I have decided to close Rawsome Creations' material side. Building that business from scratch has been thrilling, and your feedback and encouragement have given me abundant joy. I will miss the day-to-day contact with my loyal customers, your boundless ingenuity, and your willingness to help me foster the charities that our sales supported. I am grateful you welcomed my kitchen tools into your home, and truly appreciate all of you.

The informational mission of Rawsome Creations, our website, will remain active, as I want the recipes, newsletters and resources to remain available to everyone. I hope you will help me keep it fresh by continuing to share your inspiring journeys with me. As I said at the end of my last newsletter to you in 2019, Life evolves – thank you for joining me for the ride and ...

... Remember to eat your veggies!

A strange year indeed...

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