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Brenda’s Traveling Breakfast Cereal   

Great for traveling.

I travel often and being vegan, predominately raw, never expect my hosts, hotel rooms or locations to have what I might need for mealtime. This cereal has become one of my favorites as it's easy to make ahead, stores in my luggage for trips of any length, and can easily be made into a satisfying breakfast simply by adding filtered water and fresh fruit. I'm often asked by friends -- "what are you eating?" -- and when they taste it, they end up sharing, so I always pack extra to share along the way.

Yield: 4 cups



Mix ingredients and store in a sealed glass jar.

For breakfast: put 1/4 cup of the dry cereal in a bowl and add 1/2 cup liquid (any alternative milk or water). Stir well and wait 15 minutes or longer until it becomes thick. Add fresh and/or frozen fruit. Enjoy!


One tablespoon Hemp Seeds after you have soaked the cereal (I do not add these to the dry mix because hemp seeds should be kept in the refrigerator and this cereal can be kept in the cupboard until ready to use.

1/4 cup sunflower and/or pumpkin seeds. These can be soaked for 4 hours then dehydrated and added to the dry mix.

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Brenda’s Traveling Breakfast Cereal

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

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