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February 2013 Newsletter

Boxes and boxes of More Than A Nut Milk Bags make Brenda Hinton very happy!
Got Nut Milk Bags?

Exciting news here at More than a Nut Milk Bag HQ -- we recently unloaded our first-ever container load of More than a Nut Milk Bags straight from Bali. Our team in Bali, both Iluhs, Pak Wayan, Gede and Nyoman, worked several months to produce this large quantity of bags for us. It took six weeks for the container to travel to us across the Pacific. Our Napa Valley team -- my husband Mike, Salvador, Aaron, and Luis -- unloaded and safely stored a supply of bags that we hope will last for six months.

More Than A Nut Milk Bag Team in Bali with Brenda Hinton
Team Bali
More Than A Nut Milk Bag Team in California with Brenda Hinton
Team Cali

Due to your continued support of the Nut Milk Bag Project, our bags and books are now offered in retail outlets in 15 states and 9 foreign countries. Our online sales reach even farther. We've grown steadily over the years and the impact of your purchases improves the lives of real people who so appreciate our attention and financial help. My Balinese team makes the bags with endless love and smiles in every stitch and are grateful for each and every one of you. So am I.

Almond Milk Tips

A More than a Nut Milk Bag family member, Christine, emails

'I made my first batch of almond milk today and I was shocked to see how easy it was! My goodness, why aren't we all making this ourselves instead of buying expensive cartons with dubious added ingredients?!'

Good Question, Christine . . . and THANK YOU for expressing my feelings exactly!

But even as simple as making Almond Milk with one of my More than a Nut Milk Bags is, I have discovered a number of tricks and procedures for optimizing the flavor and maximizing the storage potential of this lovely stuff. I have collected these in a newly posted article here.

Cold Season Recipes

With cold and flu season getting the best of so many around us this Ginger Tonic is one of my go-to drinks all winter long. Make it as strong as you like by adjusting the hot water added at the end and keep your immune system up and ready to fight off those invaders. As an alternative, try this simple Ginger Tea and you'll be all set.

for subscribers:

Last month, for all you More than a Nut Milk Bag Recipe Collection owners out there we uploaded the juice recipes into our members' section so you'll have those full page PDFs to print out for the kitchen or upload to your tablets or notebooks. When you make the juices, you have pulp leftover each time . . . so why not try one of the muffin, scone, or cracker recipes? That's what we posted this month: Banana Zucchini Muffins, Carrot Muffins or Scones, and Garden Blend Crackers or Bread. Enjoy!!

Thank you for reading month after month, and thank you for your continued support of our project. We're sending volumes of gratitude from Bali and California from all of us at MtaNMB HQ. We couldn't do what we do without each of you.

Now Remember: Eat your Veggies!

The New Year is off to a rousing start. Sort of snuck up on us: POW! right into that energy of newness once January hit....

Ahh, Spring! my favorite time of year....

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