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Early Spring 2014 Rawsome Newsletter

Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple for the Balinese. We all dressed in kabaya, sarong and sash to enter the temple(s). Photo by Nami Taketani, Bali, February 2014
Pura Besakih
Photo by Nami Taketani

Traveling is one of my greatest passions. Sharing travel with those I love is one of my greatest joys. So you'll understand that I am very excited to announce my October 2014 Pilgrimage to Bali, and invite six of you to accompany me!

For several years, each Fall, I have traveled to Bali to visit my friends and new-found family in Ubud, the artistic center of the magical Indonesian island. For those of you who've always said "Brenda, I'd like to join you," this October is the trip, and NOW is the time to begin planning.

Lotus Garden Temple - Ubud, Bali. Photo by Brenda Hinton, Bali, February 2014
Lotus Garden Temple, Ubud, Bali

Most everyone agrees, once you've visited her, you are never ever the same. The open hearts, deep devotion and warm smiles are memorable long after you return home.

I have already arranged for rooms in my favorite inn very near the center of Ubud. Information about the pilgrimage may be found here. For those nearby, I am planning an informational meeting in March, and I am available by Skype for consultations with those from farther away. I would love to add you to the select list of interested pilgrims, so let me know of your interest. We'll talk soon about your own desires for your pilgrimage to Bali.

Lunch at Sari Organics. Photo by Brenda Hinton, Bali, February 2014
Lunch at Sari Organics
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Early in 2013, my colleague and good friend, Chef Jim Maurice of Rawsome Living Foods, asked me to help him tour with twelve of our Japanese students on their first trip to Bali. "You mean, Jim, I get to return to Bali, and share the culture, color and cuisine of Bali with those eager students?" I didn't think twice.

The weather was picture perfect (in January, the rainy season!) and the itinerary full, and with sights and experiences to delight every one of us. The challenges of language and landscape stimulated the students; the reliable and always amazing warmth of the Balinese surprised and thrilled them.

All smiles at Sanur Beach. Photo by Brenda Hinton, Bali, February 2014
All smiles at Sanur Beach

Back in California, recovering from the inevitable jet lag and glow, I am eagerly planning my annual pilgrimage in October so that a few of my readers can join me, and do the trip even better. (For more on my favorite Balinese things, visit my Facebook album.)

Join us for our 2014 Pilgrimage to Bali. Bali is a foodie's paradise, with a bustling market filled with unfamiliar (and delicious!) organically grown fruits and vegetables, and an ever-expanding choice of wonderful healthful restaurants . . . all within walking distance of our inn . . . it's mind-boggling!

A Vitamix gift presented to Eka of Bumi Sehat, with a recipe to make Rice Milk (Bali red rice is very nutritious and I wanted to share with the new mothers). Photo by Brenda Hinton, Bali, February 2014
Vitamix gift presented to Eka of Bumi Sehat

"Rice is much more than just a food in Bali. It is an inseparable part of daily life as well as a part of the island's history and religion. It is a part of the culture, a part of the mythology and a part of the pride of individuals and of the race. It could be said that without rice there could not be a Bali or Balinese."
-- from

For me, a trip to Bali most surely includes a visit to both Bumi Sehat Birthing Center and Widya Guna Orphanage, two of the charities directly benefiting from your purchase of our Rawsome products. In talking with Eka of Bumi Sehat over the last year about the needs and wish list for the center I decided to find a gently used Vitamix and take it to them. The mothers seen by Bumi Sehat are very often lacking in essential nutrients for themselves and their soon to be newborns. The high nutritional content in Bali rice (red rice in particular) prompted me to gift them with the Vitamix, and a recipe for Rice Milk. Cooked rice porridge, strained through a nested pair of More Than a Nut Milk Bags produces nutritious rice milk for Bumi Sehat's mothers and children when they visit for nutrition classes, medical appointments, and in the delivery rooms.

This October, I look forward to another session with the Bumi Sehat cook to improve the nutrition for mothers and babies. This continuing connection with the Balinese community is one of my main sources of inspiration on my visits, and one that I look forward to sharing with my fellow pilgrims in October.

Thank you for reading. Remember to eat your veggies. I hope you can consider joining me in Bali this October.


I'm back from a fabulous trip to Bali and a decompression week on Maui with my sweet husband, just in time for the holiday season. Happy Holidays to you!...

California gardeners are puzzling about how to begin their growing season under the threat of looming drought....

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