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Rawsome Creations is the brain-child of vegan and living food chef Brenda Hinton, who says “I find that most of us benefit from a simpler, less processed, additive free diet lovingly prepared with ingredients that are as close to their source as possible. But preparing this kind of food can be time consuming, and I am an impatient person! Early in my training, I started thinking about ways to make the food preparation easier and quicker ... so that I would be likelier to use original ingredients in preference to packaged, prepared products.

“First came the Nut Milk Bags, because using cheesecloth was messy, took too long, and ended up generating a pile of wasted nylon. I have to admit, the success of the More than a Nut Milk Bag took me by surprise. They started out as an effort to “make a better mousetrap“ because existing bags broke too easily, were too coarse, just weren't as multi-tasking as they could be. Nowadays there are dozens of nylon bags of varying quality, but I keep hearing that mine are the best.”

Chef Brenda
Chef Brenda
Chef Brenda
Brenda with Ibu Robin at Bumi Sehat

“I have always been all about sharing any wealth, and when my Nut Milk Bags took off, I looked around for a good place to make them in a Fair Trade environment, and a nearby place to reinvest some of the profits in the welfare of the people. My heart took me to Bali.”

Real people doing amazing things benefit from every purchase of Rawsome Creations products. Learn more about our charities:

Yayasan Bumi Sehat

Yayasan Widya Guna

LIFE LAB Learning Center

CERES Community Project

The Nyerongsha Institute

Brenda attained her Chef-Instructor credentials through studies at Cornell's Plant-based Nutrition Program and Living Light Culinary Institute. Brenda's husband, Mike, is her primary test audience. He says, “I'm a choicetarian: I make better choices now.” Brenda amplifies, “Mike's eating evolution shows me how we can all improve our health by gradually increasing the authenticity of the food we eat. Mike still enjoys the occasional hamburger, but now he wants to know who raised the beef, and how it was fed . . . then, for his next meal, he's likely to choose a salad. We can all practice stepwise refinement in our eating habits, and we are very lucky, because there have never been more or better choices: farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, beyond-organic farming, and a comprehensive awareness that we are what we eat. By gradually identifying the foods that make us feel good, and decreasing those that sap our strength, we can counteract the tolls of stress and aging.”

Brenda and Mike
Brenda and Mike
Raw Fruits and Vegetables

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